Swing Gate Kits - Ace


The Ace Double Gate Kits consists of:

  • 2 x Ace Ram Operators with fixing brackets
  • 2 x Safety Photocells
  • 1 x Electronic Control Unit (includes radio receiver and internal aerial)
  • 1 x Key Switch
  • 2 x Remote controllers
  • 2 x Override keys for use during power cuts

The Proteco Ace electromechanical ram operator kits are cost effective method of gate automation and are ideal where the gates are hung on posts, or close to the edge of the pillars (see diagrams below).

Their advantage over the Proteco Leader is their slim-line design and slightly more powerful motor. The rams are non-reversible and therefore don’t need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed. Opening angles up to 120°, depending on hinge position, may be achieved.

Proteco operators are designed for intensive use; they are constructed of quality die-cast aluminium with stainless steel, bronze and steel parts. The fluid-grease lubrication system, polyester powder-paint coating, self-lubricating worm gear and built-in thermal protection system ensure quiet operation and a long working life in all weather conditions, without the need for periodic maintenance.

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Ace Dimensions
Ace Gate Installation
Ace Ace

These diagrams show the gates closed and the operator mounting brackets fixed to the back face of each pillar (inside the property). The supplied operator and bracket are positioned so as dimensions A & B comply to the installation instructions supplied with the kit. The values are dependent on the Aster kit selected and the dimension D. In the case where the gate is hinged at the corner of the pillar then the dimension D is 0. The maximum value of D for Ace 3 is 150mm, and for Ace 4 is 200mm. If your gate’s D dimension is greater than 200mm then consider the Proteco Advantage kit.

Installation Hint:

When fitting the gate brackets to a wooden gate, we recommend that you insert stainless steel tubing (just large enough to sleeve the mounting bolt threads, and 1mm shorter than the thickness of the wood) through the gate mounting holes. This will prevent over-tightening of the mounting bolts, and also avoid the repetitive push-pull on the mounting bolts from damaging the wood.

Only a single gate? Not sure if you need a right-hand kit or left-hand kit? The motor is usually mounted on the inside of the property for security; so view the gates from inside the property looking outwards (the gates will normally, but not always, swing toward you). If the hinge appears on the left, you need a left-hand kit; if it's on the right you need a right-hand kit.

Options include: underground exit loop (detects the presence of a guest’s vehicle and automatically opens the gates for them); extra photocells; additional key fobs; intercom kit; long range (external) aerial; flashing beacon.